Is Porcelain Good For Countertops? The Benefits of Porcelain Surfaces


With so many different countertop materials available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing what surface is right for you. If you find yourself wondering if porcelain makes for good quality countertops, the short answer is yes! Porcelain slabs are durable, low maintenance, UV and heat resistant, and have a seamless appearance that will transcend the look (and enhance the quality) of your design project.

Porcelain is a man-made material, made of natural minerals. By heating this mixture at varying temperatures of up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, the final result is a dense, highly durable material. Porcelain is a very consistent material, different concentrations of feldspar, quartz, and kaolins give porcelain its strength and color, giving you multiple strains and veining options to choose from.


Porcelain is an extremely hard and durable material, generally unaffected by wear and tear. In fact,  porcelain countertops have such low porosity they are the least likely countertop option to stain, providing protection against liquids penetrating the surface, rendering sealing unnecessary. While some types of slabs would benefit from additional sealing, SapienStone ensures the highest quality on all of our materials, so additional sealing is not usually recommended..

Porcelain countertops are notably easy to clean and maintain as it is the most non-porous and hygienic surface option on the market.  Using a quality countertop cleaner will help keep your countertops spotless and shiny as it removes residues and stains. Soap and water will do the trick for quick clean-ups, but quality cleaners work best for deeper cleans that leave streak-free shines. Consistent with most other countertops, regular cleaning and care will keep your countertops shiny, crisp, and clean.

Porcelain countertops also offer a variety of looks and durable finishes.  Porcelain can mimic a broad range of textures and patterns like the beloved look of marble, granite, onyx, stone, cement and wood looks.  SapienStone offers various finishes to further enhance your achieved look from polished, silky, honed, and natural. The realistic appearance of man-made porcelain inevitably makes for long-lasting beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and casegood countertops.

As mentioned earlier, the durability porcelain offer provides countertops with a surface highly resistant to stains and scratches. The non-porous surface makes it so that liquids do not absorb into the material. Unlike marble countertops, porcelain is resistant to most chemicals, so it won’t develop dull spots from cleaning chemicals or acidic drinks. That being said, no surface is 100% stain proof, but porcelain’s resistance to stains and wear & tear is true.
Additionally, the manufacturing process mentioned above creates an added benefit of heat resistance. In other words, you don’t have to worry about damaging your countertops if you place your hot pots and pans directly on it!

These characteristics of high durability, stunning appearance, and resilience are just a few of the many reasons why we continue to urge designers, architects, builders, homeowners, and more to utilize porcelain surfaces in their design projects. SapienStone porcelain can be applied beyond the kitchen countertops and into bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, custom furnishings, and even outdoor applications. Because they are so durable, SapienStone porcelain is UV ray resistant and will not fade in direct sunlight.

The design opportunities are endless and allow you to create the look of your dreams. Contact SapienStone today to work with the best porcelain distributor in the nation.

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