Interview to blogger Lidia Forlivesi


“I am a xenophile globetrotter!” - Lidia defines herself like this, like a citizen of the world.
After all, she lived in Italy and in America, and from every single place where she lived, she took something unique that she transferred in the pages of her blog and in her snaps..

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Filet of Cerdo Iberico de Bellota, alioli and berry sauce


Pork fillet tied with string, seared in the pan and accompanied by a (dark red) berry sauce and (pale yellow) alioli on a white plate.


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Interview to blogger Marta Sanahuja


A job as a publicist, and a passion for cooking. Behind Spanish food blog “Delicious Martha” is Marta, a young girl who made of food her reason for living.

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The evolution of the kitchen: SapienStone is already in the future


Society and kitchens have evolved in parallel.
Ever since man became a carnivore and discovered how to use fire, dedicating a space to the preparation of food has naturally been a primary need, as has creating a variety of utensils with different functions facilitating the cooking, storage and handling of food.

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Fruit tart – recipe by Un déjeuner de soleil


Food blogger Edda helps us dive into a sea of flavour and colour with her delicious fresh fruit tart.

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Sicilian sliced tuna steak


A sliced tuna steak seared outside and raw inside, on stewed Tropea onion and pomegranate seeds, green and red drops of parsley and pomegranate coulis on a black plate.


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