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Designing a commercial space is a very meticulous task.  Commercial design, such as upgrading offices or transforming restaurants, hotels, retail, healthcare spaces both indoor and outdoor requires strategic placement of many details to create a cohesive and professional environment.

SapienStone boasts many different design options of porcelain countertops that are applicable beyond the kitchen or bathroom surface, and perfect for commercial spaces.  Due to its 12mm (1.2cm) thickness, SapienStone porcelain can be used on various furnishings and applications. So, what are the options for incorporating porcelain into your commercial project?  Well, the possibilities are endless!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Reception / Front Desk

Featuring Fior Di Bosco, Silky on the back wall and countertop and Bianco Lasa, Natural on the bottom.

Make a statement as soon as visitors enter! By installing SapienStone porcelain onto a reception desk or front entry accent wall, you will instantly set the standard for the rest of your commercial space. Visitors will immediately be impressed with the clean, high-end look, and voila – the first impression has been made. Not only does SapienStone offer a wide range of colors, designs and finishes, allowing for options that meet almost any style of office, but the thin porcelain countertops are also resistant to scratches and abrasion so it will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Incorporate a look and feel that represents your brand image to make a memorable entryway.

Conference Room

Featuring Arabescato

Feel confident in your business meetings with a conference room table that serves as not only a statement furniture piece, but a durable focal point of discussion.  SapienStone porcelain is the most durable hard surface countertop option with the highest resistance to scratches, stains, and overall use.   Curious about size? That is not a problem either.  SapienStone’s large format porcelain slabs are approximately 126” x 60”, so they are suitable for large board room or conference area tables.

Accent Wall

Featuring Pietra Grey, Polished

Due to SapienStone’s 12mm thickness, our thin porcelain slabs are lightweight and eligible to be applied as a façade to serve as a gorgeous and luxurious statement to the overall look of your space. Get creative with your porcelain install and incorporate it onto various places such as a waiting room wall, restaurant bar backsplash, public restroom and more. 

Kitchen / Buffet Countertops

Featuring Uni Ice, Polished at the San Francisco International Airport

Ok, now this one is a little obvious. But even with a simple idea, you can fabricate a modest kitchen countertop into something more; something unique.

Go beyond the norm and apply porcelain countertops to your company’s kitchen, breakroom or restaurant buffet area to elevate the level of cleanliness. SapienStone’s porcelain does not harbor any germs, as it is non-porous and fights against the absorption of spills, unlike other materials offered on the market.

If your company or business has a buffet kitchen style, you can even transform our porcelain countertops into an induction cooktop to keep the displayed food warm at all times!

Interested in sprucing up your commercial design? Contact us today to speak with a SapienStone design consultant. For more inspiration, read our blog.

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