Contemporary Vernacular Architecture Praises the Versatility Of Porcelain


SapienStone's mission to cover surfaces in commercial and residential properties using porcelain stone has stirred up questions in the construction industry. Many are wondering why porcelain has gained so much popularity in the most recent years. Porcelain stone combines inalterability, strength, and beauty. It remains a vastly popular material among interior designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners for wall and floor coverings. However, porcelain can be used throughout the home and within commercial spaces in a variety of ways. Since renovations and upgrades are always being made across the globe to increase real estate appeal and value, porcelain has become the go-to material for its technical characteristics and usefulness. Read on to find out how porcelain plays a major role in modern architecture and learn about the versatility of this marvelous material in the construction industry.

Higher Demand for Porcelain

Our society is constantly shifting toward an unprecedented state of inter-connectivity, globalization, and heterogeneity of economy and culture, which all make an impact on the contemporary architecture taking place throughout the world. Vernacular architecture in its most basic sense can be seen as a region's architectural style based on local building customs centered around available materials and traditional needs. With the expansion of modern architecture around the world, porcelain, too, is on the rise. Taking into account what society needs and what best fits within each particular region and environment, design requires versatile materials that designers and architects can use interchangeably. This is why porcelain has continued to see a drastic uptick in demand and more people in the construction industry than ever before are gaining interest in the material.

Porcelain Has Unmatched Versatility

Porcelain introduces a variety of styles and effects that resemble that of marble, steel, wood, and other stones. Porcelain's versatility has made it a very popular choice for commercial and residential projects and goes well with most interior design styles. From countertops to flooring to wall coverings, it provides a true element of design and ads character and expressiveness to different types of indoor and outdoor spaces. Porcelain continues to reinvent itself, from innovative outdoor surfaces to home interiors and wellness areas to offices. The surface will convey aesthetic style and above all, it will preserve its beauty, remaining unaltered throughout time. Intrinsic and widely recognized qualities of high-tech porcelain make all of this possible. This durable material allows for very low absorbency permitting resistance to frost, chemicals, scratching, and stress, with an unrivaled degree of stability. Color does not fade over time and cleaning maintenance is made easy.

Apply porcelain to your kitchen island or countertop for a sleek and beautiful finish. You can combine furniture with porcelain countertops to create unique statement pieces. Lay it across large walls for a dramatic effect. Stretch it across an expanse of floor for visual impact. Due to the fact the porcelain slabs are incredibly thin and lightweight, they also make great backsplashes, shower panels, as well as panels for kitchen cabinetry and decorative accents throughout a home.

Consistency of Porcelain

The glazing pigments in porcelain can be added to the fabrication of slabs to produce a look that is similar to natural stone with colors made to resemble the veining in marble and other popular surfacing materials like wood and steel. SapienStone slabs are specifically manufactured with a consistent color throughout, including through-body veining so the design is carried out along the edges. The variety of different patterns and colors are some of the reasons porcelain is considered influential in modern vernacular architecture. It is the ideal material to use in kitchen, bath and other design because it is an extremely tough material which is resistant to damage by liquids, heat or sharp objects. The consistency you will get with porcelain is like nothing you have seen before.

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