Interview with Giorgia Fantin Borghi


An expert in wedding etiquette and the history of the table, Giorgia Fantin Borghi is one of the most successful professional wedding and special event planners specialising in the art of the table and good hospitality.

We met her at the beginning of our “Inspired by innovation” project, when she gave us some ideas on how to set the table for a variety of occasions and offered us advice on aspects of etiquette that not everyone is familiar with.

“When setting the table, the tabletop itself is very important, as the base on which you lay all the details. First of all, it is the backdrop, and can also provide an element of contrast. SapienStone tabletops offer me an opportunity to create a great variety of table settings using materials and trends very different from those we normally see in Italy at this time of year. Working with an unusual tabletop definitely encourages creativity!”

A few weeks ago Giorgia came to our Castellarano showroom, specially decorated to celebrate the festive occasion, and created a beautiful Christmas table setting on a Rovere Buckskin countertop.

This offered us an opportunity to talk to her and get to know this expert in the art of table setting a little better.

Inspired by…

Inspiration doesn’t come out of the blue. You have to look for it in your studies, your work, your everyday life, and in special experiences that you happen to come across: an art exhibition, a trip to the market…Everything we see, hear, and taste has a life of its own, and this is what provides inspiration.

The kitchen for me is……

Conviviality. It’s the place where people get together, and not only to eat; it’s a place that sets the scene for some of our most intimate moments with our family.
“They say that when you cook for someone, you are thinking of that person, and I would add that when you set a beautiful table, that is definitely also a sign of your care and attention for others.”

SapienStone in a word…

Giorgia definitely considers SapienStone countertops and tabletops versatile: not just surfaces to cook and prepare meals on, but surfaces on which to serve food, tabletops to be set for a beautiful meal.

Watch the complete video interview here. 

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