Interview with Talitha and Michael Bainbridge of Zwei Design


After designing so many kitchens for their clients, Talitha and Michael Bainbridge, the duo behind German architecture and interior design studio Zwei Design, finally designed a kitchen for themselves, choosing a SapienStone Calacatta Macchia Vecchia countertop that goes perfectly with the dark colours of the kitchen.

We went to talk to them and find out how they like our countertop and their new kitchen, for which they chose quality sustainable materials, as they explain in this post.

“We live in a bungalow built in the seventies, and we wanted to pay tribute to that time,” explains Michael in the interview, “but we didn’t want the typical dark kitchen of the seventies. We were attracted to Japanese lines and European flavour, so we combined the two”.

“We chose a Calacatta Macchia Vecchia countertop for its beautiful dark hues matching the kitchen cabinet doors and the colours of the room,” adds Talitha. “We couldn’t be happier; we could hardly believe a countertop like this exists! It’s perfect!”. 

Michael and Talitha appreciate the way the SapienStone countertop combines beauty with practicality, which is why they often suggest this kind of counter to their clients, in view of their own positive experience with SapienStone and with the people who worked on the projects.

To find out more about the renovation, watch the video of the interview with Talitha and Michael. 

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