Interview with Vega Hernando – Eating Patterns


An amateur cook with a background in textiles and fashion, Vega Hernando, creator of Eating Patterns, seeks creative connections between design and gastronomy.

We met her at the beginning of this year, when she was involved in our “Inspired by innovation” project. This gave Vega an opportunity to discover SapienStone’s porcelain countertops, using them as a backdrop on which to make her culinary creations, which are intended to be enjoyed with the eyes, first of all.

Her “Eating Patterns” project is inspired by her passion for cooking and love of design. 

“…I wanted to share my vision of the kitchen and what I like to cook through my experience as a designer. I used to design fashion textiles, and with this project my career took a new turn. I now have my own design studio, where we create all kinds of projects combining design with gastronomy.”

Vega chose SapienStone’s Calacatta surfaces to add a touch of refined elegance to the kitchen in her Barcelona studio, the privileged place where her beautiful creations take form.

A few weeks ago we flew to the Catalonian city to interview her and take a closer look at her kitchen renovation project. Here are a few things we learned in our chat, which you can view in full at the link at the bottom of the page.

Inspired by…

Fruit, vegetables and all seasonal ingredients are the main source of inspiration for Vega’s creations. Attracted by colours and fragrances, she finds a lot of her inspiration while travelling, bringing home the ideas she collects and assimilates in various cities around the world.

The kitchen for me…

The kitchen is the place where Vega passes most of her time, the room where she feels most at home. Vega relaxes and has fun in the kitchen.

And in fact almost all her projects originate in the kitchen!

SapienStone in a word…

Vega describes SapienStone countertops as practical: not only are they beautiful, but they can stand up to any kind of substance, incident, stain, etc..

Here’s the complete video.

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