Interview with blogger Fabienne Engel


Food blogger and culinary photographer Fabienne’s live revolves around food.
In her blog Freiknuspern she talks about diet, but not the way other people do; Fabienne talks about food that is good and flavourful, and above all healthy!
Fabienne has decided to focus on healthy, “free” food, that is, food free of allergens and other problematic substances, offering allergy sufferers the freedom to enjoy their food!
This is the idea behind the creation of her blog in 2015, intended to encourage other people with allergies and dietary intolerances by sharing her recipes and valuable suggestions.
In the past year, Fabienne has been one of the food reporters involved in our “What’s the Top” project, sharing some of her delicious “free” recipes with us, prepared on SapienStone porcelain countertops.

We talked to her today to get to know her better and find out how she got so involved with food.

  1. What most inspires you in your recipes and content?

I draw my inspiration from a lot of things. My readers often inspire me with their recipes, sending them to me personally. And I often come across amazing recipes by other bloggers which inspire me to come up with my own personal non-allergenic versions! The web and magazines are another source of inspiration, along with my boundless love of food and “hunger” for new recipes!

  1. My dream kitchen would have to be…

It would have to be as big and as practical as possible. I’d really love an island kitchen! There’s no doubt about it: I would like to be as creative as possible in my dream kitchen!

  1. What do you think of, when you think of Italian design?

It’s definitely creative, and timeless, but also noble and refined!

  1. What did you appreciate most about SapienStone kitchen countertops?

I have had occasion to test SapienStone kitchen countertops making a number of different recipes, and what struck me most about these surfaces is their great strength. I think it’s very important to be carefree when you work in the kitchen!

  1. What’s the top in the kitchen for you?
    Enjoying delicious food, surrounded by delicious people. Of course all in my ideal kitchen!

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