Pumpkin and gorgonzola pizza – recipe from Un déjeuner de soleil

2018-12-03 Autumn is pumpkin time! This sweet, colourful vegetable is featured in today’s recipe by our food blogger Edda - Un déjeuner de soleil.
Who doesn’t love pizza? This traditional Italian dish is one of the world’s best-loved foods.
Edda reinterprets the pizza recipe in her own highly original way, topping it with creamed pumpkin and adding a bold touch with gorgonzola.
”This simple but tasty recipe transforms pizza, replacing the classic tomato sauce with a creamy pumpkin topping. The pizza dough is quick and easy to make, but you can make it with your own favourite dough recipe.”

As in her previous recipe – which you will find here – Edda worked on one of our SapienStone kitchen countertops. For this recipe she chose Brown Earth, a warm finish that creates a lovely colour contrast with the orange pizza.

”This material – porcelain – is not only beautiful to look at, but above all strong. Scratches, heat, stains: this countertop is not affected by any of them! So you can enjoy making your culinary creations without worrying!”
From the dough to the topping, Edda made her pizza directly on the SapienStone countertop, from A to Z. But, she says, the best thing was cleaning it off with a single wipe of her sponge!
And now, it’s time to get to work. Click here if you want to try making this tasty pizza yourself!

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