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Iris Ceramica Group is a global leader in the design, production and distribution of high-quality ceramic products for architectural, residential, commercial and industrial projects.

The Group regards its talents as integral to its identity, combining fine Italian craftsmanship and bringing it worldwide.

The companies owned by Iris Ceramica Group, such as SapienStone, have succeeded in keeping alive the spirit of their founder and his work attitude, inventiveness, and inspiration.

The Group strives to ensure that each of its businesses continues to grow while respecting their distinctive features, providing the resources required to design, produce and market their products and services.
 But, most importantly, it wants to go one step further!

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Iris Ceramica Group comprises several exceptional companies: each one of them offers products or services stemming from unique expertise, continuously striving to improve quality and to innovate while respecting the environment. Guided by the principle of sustainable development, Iris Ceramica Group relies on technological innovation and on an exceptional team of talented people in order to develop attractive, quality solutions that meet ever-changing customer needs while upholding its values.

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Iris Ceramica Group has developed its business by incorporating the production, distribution, and communication departments of leading companies operating in the ceramics industry. While respecting the Group’s distinguishing features, each company highlights its special set of values and its talented people, making sure to put a lot of care into the products it offers.

Since 1961, the Group has been anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving world by building on the experience and cherishing the history and growth of each of its companies. The R&D, engineering, production and sales teams are always striving to push new boundaries in order to continue to honor the Group’s origins and the path laid out by the founder: as pointed out by Romano Minozzi, quality and innovation are the pillars upon which the company’s assets rest.

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