The Best Practices for Your Feng Shui Kitchen


Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It provides nourishment, health and prosperity, making it a perfect symbol for a feng shui focused layout. Naturally, the kitchen is situated in the center of a home in between each room and accessible from all hallways, entry ways, etc. Is it a coincidence that every home is built like this? Not necessarily. But for feng shui fanatics, it’s the perfect excuse to claim that all good energy within the home originates from this specified layout. You can continue the good vibes with the way you decorate and place items – just follow our list below for a feel-good home!


Symmetry is key within a feng shui home. If you have an open floor plan, there is often more leeway with the placement of your objects and appliances. Try to keep everything spaced out – you have the room for it! Don’t favor one side and overcrowd a corner with bulky items. Make the space feel light and airy with each of your appliances a few feet apart from the other. Maybe have your oven on the left, the refrigerator on the right and the sink smack dab in the middle! This will help with a balanced flow of energy and it will appeal effortless in design!

Keep Your Kitchen Centered

Obviously, this isn’t something that you can just pick up and change. We don’t think you will be breaking down walls and rearranging the blueprint of your home to fit within the feng shui guidelines, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that have the kitchen in the center of your home, then you’re in luck! When we say “center of the home” we really mean the focal point of the house - not too close to the front door, and not too close to the back door. This is because you do not want the good energy derived from the nourishing kitchen to escape through the doors. Having space away from the entryways allows a balanced flow of Sheng Chi, or good feng shui energy – which we all want, of course! 

Incorporate Feel-Good Colors

Cohesiveness is crucial when choosing what colors to incorporate into your kitchen. Typically, many colors are acceptable if you lay them out just right. It’s important to create a color scheme that embodies the kitchen. In other words, allow the color to be present, unlike the sporadic pops of color found in other homes. 

What’s our favorite color for a feng shui kitchen? White! White is timeless in design and can be used in so many ways. Its bright hue opens up the room, making it feel more alive, more open, and more breathable. You don’t want to feel cluttered – too much colors and gadgets will produce bad feng shui, so make sure to not overload your room with busy designs!

Whether you have an all-white kitchen or colorful kitchen, we recommend installing white porcelain countertops to bring a shiny, refined finish to the room. Countertops are important to the overall look of a kitchen, so consider an elegant piece to replicate your design preference.

Let There Be Light

In addition to the white color scheme that we dearly admire, bringing in a great source of light is a perfect way to add good energy into your space. Light, as simple and small as it is, can make a huge difference in your kitchen. With the proper light, your room can be turned upside down from dark and crowded to airy and spacious! Having your kitchen lit up will create a warm and welcoming environment, and it will also appear to be cleaner, which we believe is a definite plus!

Add the Beauty of Mother Nature

Who doesn’t love flowers? Add a vase of flowers to your kitchen for a natural way to spruce up the space! Flowers, or any greenery for that matter, brings uplifting energy to your kitchen. Having living plants in the center room of your home allows the continuum of good flowing energy to move throughout the entire enclosed space.

All of these tips of the feng shui belief derive from ancient times, however, whatever you may believe, following these guidelines are a great way to keep your home design fluid, cohesive and simply beautiful!

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