Go Against The Grain With A Creative, Ultra-Modern Kitchen


Why stay within the white and grey kitchen trends when you can represent your own style with authenticity, personality, and unique flare!

Recently, Digital Creator Haley Jones @meandmr.jones renovated her Florida home from a bland, monochromatic interior to a high-contrast modern space. Her new primarily black kitchen boasts a moody tone with dark Pietra Grey porcelain countertops as the centerpiece. 

Home Renovating During Quarantine
During the chaos of 2020, Haley Jones decided to use her time well-spent while quarantining at home to remodel her interior into her dream home. With the new desire to incorporate hygienic countertops into the kitchen, Haley knew that porcelain countertops would be her best option. As a non-porous, manufactured material, SapienStone porcelain countertops do not absorb any liquids or odors, therefore, not harboring any unwanted bacteria or germs.

After visiting a local distributor and finding her favorite porcelain slab, Mrs. Jones quickly began to find unique home décor and additions to bring her modern farmhouse kitchen ideas to life.

With light oak wood floors, natural light, and other earthy features offering balance, Mrs. Jones was able to create her ultimate dream home with a moody, dark kitchen while maintaining a light and breathable space.

Porcelain Countertops for the Kitchen
The kitchen features our Pietra Grey porcelain countertops on all surfaces including the backsplash and kitchen island. The kitchen island countertop is draped over the edges of the cabinetry to create a waterfall effect that is seamless, chic, and modern.

SapienStone puts Mrs. Jones at ease. With a busy lifestyle and young toddler running around, she doesn’t have to worry about spills, stains, and scratches. As one of the most durable countertops, her and her family can cook, clean and play without worry about damaging the surface of these beautiful counters.

“I love how I don’t need harsh chemicals to keep the counter space clean, usually a rag and water will be enough,” commented Haley in her review. “After living in homes with marble countertops, I don’t think we could ever go back to a natural stone after having these porcelain countertops. They are amazing!”

See the Before and After!

Learn more about why Haley Jones chose SapienStone for her new kitchen countertops and home remodel.



Project Details

Countertop material: Pietra Grey SapienStone Porcelain Countertop in a Natural Finish

Edge details: 2” mitered edge

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