How Coronavirus Has Porcelain Trending More Than Ever


This year has certainly thrown many challenges and obstacles our way. With news and updates surrounding the coronavirus changing almost daily and the uncertainty behind when majority of America’s workforce would be able to return to their place of business, it is safe to say that we all were worried for what was to come.

“Expect the unexpected” was how we proceeded after the hardships faced in March and April. However, the design industry was pleasantly surprised to find that COVID-19 actually brought consumers attention to the updating or remodeling of their homes. Specifically, for the surfacing industry, there has been more of an emphasis on porcelain countertops. With the importance of hygiene and cleanliness being at an all-time high, the coronavirus may have further accentuated just how beneficial porcelain slabs can be within residential and commercial design projects.

Pandemic Trends

As a global community, we have all been forced to become accustomed to the “new norm.” After a delay in production and shipments in April, we have learned how to respond to the needs of our clients and customers by utilizing new platforms, digital systems and implementing updated protocols and measurements to guarantee business still runs smoothly while ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

The evolution of the internet has drastically helped our case this year, as we have transitioned most in-person services to being available online. You can now view all of our product offerings, locate a local distributor and order free samples to be delivered straight to your home!

Social media has also become one of the top ways that we interact with our customer base. It’s a great way to stay connected with our followers and to provide them immediate hands-on services with direct messaging, comments, shares and more. SapienStone has several social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Depending on the region in which you live, you can stay up to date with local content by following one of our regional accounts – If you’re in the USA, go ahead and follow us on Instagram @SapienStone_USA!

With the pandemic, we all realized just how quickly germs can spread. This has raised concerns surrounding hygienic countertops and which surfaces are actually the cleanest and most dependable. SapienStone’s porcelain slabs are one of the best options when looking for a hygienic surface for residential or commercial projects.

Viruses rely on moisture to remain alive and active. Because porcelain is inorganic, impervious and water resistant, viruses do not stand a chance surviving either on the surface or within SapienStone slabs. Knowing this bit of information has escalated the reputation of porcelain from its already valuable viewpoints. It is now referred to as one of, if not, THE top material choice to incorporate into a post-pandemic design project.

Style Trends

In the U.S., we continue to see wood, concrete and natural stone-looking porcelain as the top trends in both residential and commercial designs. These chic surfaces can be styled any way to portray an elegant and clean appearance, and they are the perfect addition to any styled space.

Our top trending wood finish porcelain countertops are Rovere Buckskin and Rovere Baio, and our top concrete-looking surface is Urban Argento– Check them out now!

Also take a look at our Premium White slab – it’s a stunning marble-looking design that has received all the craze this year!  

For full height kitchen backsplashes, most white surfaces or marble-looking slabs appear in American design projects. Designers from all over the world rant and rave about how special these porcelain backsplashes can be, as they provide a timeless and classy look that can evolve over time with any new home addition or renovation that may come your way. Bianco Lasa is a dreamy surface that looks stunning as both a countertop and seamless backsplash!  See it in person for yourself by ordering a sample; just email us at

Other vibrant and exotic-looking stones have become increasingly popular. Incorporating vivacious designs into a room can help bring in depth, color, and an overall “wow” factor into a space that was once lacking before. Our Arabescato is a great statement piece to add into a room for a bright and refreshing look and feel.

Usage Trends

Historically, the most common design applications for porcelain tile in the U.S. has been flooring and wall claddings, however, porcelain is finding its way to be incorporated into various other projects throughout homes and commercial spaces.

Large format porcelain has grown tremendously within interior design and is often seen atop large countertop areas and used to create unique furnishing. Our 12mm porcelain slabs allow SapienStone porcelain to be installed in various design applications including fireplace surrounds, furniture and tables, shower walls and claddings, cabinetry and more for both interior and exterior spaces.

SapienStone porcelain slabs are eligible for any application due to its notable durability and endless benefits. Porcelain is a man-made material that can withstand extreme harsh environments and interactions. All of our products are resistant to high heat, and are more difficult to scratch, etch or stain than other countertop options on the market.  They can even be placed outside in direct sunlight, as porcelain is UV stable.  With these added benefits, porcelain makes life a breeze.  You can find a full list of SapienStone’s benefits here.

Sales Trends

Online shopping has become more important than ever.  As families have decided to stay socially distanced in the comfort of their own homes, online resources are the main means of communication individuals are using to continue with their normal shopping routine, daily tasks and projects.

For SapienStone, this transition to being heavily dependent online has evolved our company to offering all services on our site in order to best serve YOU. You can find our full inventory on with imagery, installation shots, and close-up images of slabs and veining to understand which design suits you best.

We also offer free sample deliveries within the U.S. Just shoot us an email at for more info!

The Latest Trends in Design

Well, with all that COVID-19 brought, we are oddly appreciative of how design trends have continued to evolve whether the world has paused or not.

Homeowners, designers, and architects are always looking for the latest design trends to keep their projects fresh and innovative. We are happy to see SapienStone porcelain countertops flourish with extensive benefits and outstanding beauty.

If you’re interested in starting the design project of your dreams, contact us today!

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