Photography&Food: Antonella Bozzini (part I)

2017-04-17 One of Milanese photographer Antonella Bozzini’s mottos would seem to be “The less is in it, the better it looks”. But Antonella applies the philosophy of “less is more” made famous by architect Mies Van der Rohe, who liked to apply it with elegant aestheticism, in a totally natural way. Simplicity is what interests her, not the high-impact minimalist effect.
Antonella, who graduated from the European Design Institute in Milan with a diploma in photography, is now one of the most interesting Italian food photographers. In the course of her career she has travelled practically all over the world looking for new wine and food experiences, always happy to work in close contact with the chefs’ wonderful creative folly.
When and how did you start photographing food, Antonella?
I started out as a photo reporter, in journalism. Then, as traditional journalism was undergoing a crisis at the time and there was not a lot of work around, I decided to focus on documentary photography. I started out working for a company that asked me to document supermarkets and distribution chains, and then, in 1998, I went to the editors of “Bargiornale”, where the editor-in-chief, Antonio Mungai, found my portfolio interesting and hired me.”
Have you had any teachers in your profession as a food photographer?
I am a self-made woman when it comes to food photography! When I was studying at IED, there wasn’t even a food photography course! At that time, photography was divided into industrial photography, reporting, still life photography and portraits. I learned the techniques and tricks of food photography on my own. I went to work for Maurizio Rebuzzini’s “FOTOgraphia”, I have always been interested in cooking magazines, and I followed food photography work by Studio Marcialis in Milan”.
What is food photography all about for you?
I love it! Partly because I am a gourmet. It is a truly interesting and exciting voyage which has opened up a new world for me: the world of chefs, wine-makers and sommeliers, the kitchens of outstanding restaurants and the great products of Italian gastronomy. A whole world I didn’t even know was there! I was able to find out more about an area I was not familiar with, and that was really exciting for me.”
Do you like cooking?
I love cooking! It is the chefs who passed on to me this passion for finding top quality raw materials. A chef looks for the right product to make a dish, just as a photographer waits for the right light to photograph a landscape... Plus, I’m Italian! I like to cook for my friends and create convivial situations.”
What is your favourite dish?
“em>I really love risotto, particularly risotto made with bone marrow. A traditional choice from someone from Milan! I have travelled all over, but I always come back to Milan... In general, I feel I have very close ties to regional Italian cooking. I’m not a fan of fusion cuisine.”

Mariagrazia Villa

Photographs: Antonella Bozzini

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