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Despite the craziness that 2020 has brought upon us, this year we have learned that quality time spent with our loved ones is a treasure. Right now is prime time to get in the holiday spirit with family and friends to create something special this season atop your kitchen countertops, whether it be from a safe, social distance or via a Zoom call!

Porcelain and pastries have been loyal partners for a while now. Together, they make a wonderful pair with one that is  easy-to-make, the other is easy-to-clean and both are delicious in either taste or appearance.

Various elements in the kitchen help to make long-lasting memories. The unforgettable smells that fill the home, perfect lighting, surrounding ambience created by the holiday kitchen decor and the list goes on. However, one component stands out from the rest…the countertops.

Your kitchen countertops are the main feature located in the heart of the home. It is where memories are made, meals are served and laughs are shared. With the peeling, chopping, slicing and frying, the countertops endure it all and are there with you along the way for every bonding moment that takes place in your kitchen. 

That is why porcelain countertops are the most recommended material within kitchens nowadays. Because of its extensive benefits including its sturdiness, resistance to heat and harsh chemicals, etc., porcelain reigns and helps to make creating memories stress-free, always.

If you’re a baker, or simply looking for the best countertop to install in your kitchen, then you’re in the right place! Today, we will look at the benefits of porcelain countertops through the lenses of a chef, dissecting what makes porcelain a suitable countertop for cooking meals, hosting celebrations and making life’s everyday chores easier.

Porcelain is Eco-Friendly

Who doesn’t love making decisions that help save the planet? Porcelain countertops leave less of a carbon footprint compared to other countertop materials on the market. Ceramic and porcelain slabs are green materials because they do not contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), are low maintenance and have a long-life cycle.

Porcelain’s Patterns, Colors & Textures

Because it is a manufactured material, porcelain is curated to mimic several designs that we all know and love including realistic concrete, wooden grains, marble veining and more. 

SapienStone porcelain countertops are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Offering simple black and white surfaces such as the Basalt Black countertop or Uni Ice, or something more inimitable such as the Rovere Buckskin wood-looking porcelain countertop or the Arabescato, SapienStone provides looks for all different styles.

Porcelain exhibits a rich blend of beauty and authenticity. Its lavish look and feel immediately attracts anyone with an eye for design, and even those without! You also have the option of further personalizing your tops with the type of finish you decide – polished, honed or natural are all options available with SapienStone porcelain countertops.

Porcelain is Anything But Porous

Imagine the hassle of cleaning up your countertops after a long day of cooking or baking and seeing grease stains, water marks and scratches left over. Thankfully, with porcelain’s durability and non-porous characteristics, it is more resistant than any other countertop surface in regards to spills, butter stains, acidic residue, wine stains, water, and harsher household chemicals. It is also bacteria-free and will not mildew and harbor any unwanted scents or bacteria. 

There’s been no other period that allows making memories in the kitchen easier than the moments we have now. Use this special time to gather with loved ones and make an unforgettable holiday season in the heart of your home. With SapienStone porcelain countertops, life is made easy and more enjoyable.

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