What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a style that became popular in the 1960s in response to an increasingly widespread philosophy of living that aims to simplify everyday life, eliminate the superfluous and focus on the essential. Minimalism has been expressed in art, music, architecture and design. Specifically in interior design, the style is expressed by incorporating a balance of solid hues, natural light, and minimal décor to amplify the perception of space and authentic architectural structure. 

SapienStone: The definitive expression of minimalist design

SapienStone, a brand that is always attentive to the latest interior design trends and the demands of today’s informed, has a unique assortment of materials that not only portray the beautiful looks of ultra-modern and urban-contemporary styles, but minimalistic slab pieces that can beautifully transform a home into a simplistic, yet stylish interior.

SapienStone carries an extensive collection from stones, marbles, cements, wood-looking porcelain and more to represent natural textures and looks that we all know and love. By incorporating porcelain material into your home or office space, you can easily achieve a luxurious design style to your space. Not only does SapienStone porcelain showcase a stunning display of unique colors and patterns, but each product offers extensive benefits including UV stable capabilities, heat, stain, and scratch resistance characteristics, indoor and outdoor application possibilities, and more.

With SapienStone, the design opportunities are endless.

Bring A Minimalistic Look To Your Kitchen With SapienStone And InvisaCook

As SapienStone offers a highly-durable working space and fully heat resistant capabilities, it has become the perfect contender for an induction cooktop. 

Induction cooktops by InvisaCook are created by installing an induction plate placed beneath the countertop or working space that functions as a not only a stylish and authentic stovetop, but a quick and efficient heating surface. Induction cooktops are actually faster to heat up than traditional gas or electric powered hobs and they are safer in terms of risks of burns and direct exposure to a flame. The cooktop is an invisible primary force that doesn’t not sacrifice design, style, space and efficiency.

Learn more about induction cooktops from how they are made, how they work, and more HERE

Consider implementing an induction cooktop with the beautiful SapienStone countertops in your next design project! Learn more about SapienStone and contact us today or read more from our blog.

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