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During the current emergency, with the mantra #stayathome arising in all public and private conversations, the question of how to keep the kitchen clean has become a matter of vital importance.

Something that has always been a daily habit takes on new meaning: cleaning to protect ourselves, and others, to wash away the virus and all the negative thoughts associated with it and bring a touch of light into our lives at this time of darkness for so many. 

Something we used to do almost mechanically has become a new form of meditation. 

In the kitchen, as in the rest of the house, we are cleaning surfaces more thoroughly than we used to. But how can we find the right balance between beauty and hygiene? Many people are afraid that cleaning the kitchen countertop too often, or with the wrong product, might damage it. 

Increased use of disinfectant products inevitably causes greater wear on the kitchen counter, but a lot depends on the material it is made of. 

There are materials that are beautiful but delicate, which can be treated only with specific cleaning products, but there are other materials that stand up well under any kind of stress. Porcelain is one of these: versatile, resistant and ecological, it’s a particularly useful ally in the kitchen. 

The benefits of porcelain in the kitchen

Porcelain’s technical performance can make life a whole lot easier in the home. One of the reasons it is so widely appreciated is its resistance, and in fact the material is used to cover floors, walls and façades, as well as home furnishings. 

In the kitchen, this translates into countertops with a high degree of hardness that will not be damaged and are capable of withstanding scratching and abrasion, as well as acidic and corrosive substances. A porcelain countertop will not suffer from high temperatures or temperature changes, so we can confidently put boiling hot pots and pans right on the counter without worrying about damaging it.

Another outstanding quality of porcelain is its ability to stay beautiful as time goes by, accompanying our domestic lives over the years. Its resistance to sunlight means it can be used not only in the home but in outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas, facilities which are particularly appreciated at the present time, now that we find ourselves spending much more time at home.

How should I clean a SapienStone countertop?

The kitchen is a room where hygiene is very important, as this is where we handle food, and it’s one of the places in the home most vulnerable to germs and bacteria.

SapienStone countertops are very easy to clean without any need for a special technique.

They can be cleaned thoroughly without worrying about damage. Simply add multi-purpose neutral soap to water and wipe the counter with a cloth or sponge, then dry it off with a dry cloth or a piece of paper towel. 

The many benefits offered by porcelain countertops include non-absorbency: the countertop will not stain, and no particularly aggressive products are required to clean it. If you encounter a stubborn stain, it can be removed with an ordinary descaling product.

These rules must of course be applied in addition to the basic rules of hygiene: always wash your hands with soap and water for at least two minutes before touching food; wash food thoroughly, using baking soda if necessary; cook and store food appropriately; wash dishes and cutlery well; and keep the whole kitchen clean and tidy.

A beautiful, sustainable countertop

Technical qualities are important, but they’re not the whole story: beauty and the environment are two additional factors to be taken into account. SapienStone countertops are not only strong, but beautiful and sustainable, too. 

They’re made using raw materials of natural origin, ground, pulverised, pressed and fired to create 320x150 cm maxi-slabs of unrivalled aesthetic impact, in large sizes permitting creation of uninterrupted surfaces. 

SapienStone’s technological know-how allows the brand to faithfully reproduce materials such as marble, stone, cement, and wood, with veins running through the entire thickness of the material for an even more realistic look. 

All these features make SapienStone countertops perfect not only in the home, but in public spaces such as bistros, restaurants and bars, where they add a touch of design without neglecting practicality and functionality.

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