The designer holiday table: SapienStone offers the most refined looks

2018-12-13 SapienStone has changed the concept of the kitchen countertop, combining aesthetics and design with the technical properties of high-quality porcelain: resistance to heat and extreme temperatures, hardness, stain resistance and hygiene.
SapienStone was launched as the highest-performing kitchen countertop on the market, and the material also offers an opportunity to integrate an induction cooker into the counter, permitting creation of uninterrupted work surfaces.
The slab can also be used as a worktop on kitchen islands, peninsulas and snack counters, and in table design, offering new prospects for convivial meals.
Christmas is coming, and everyone seems to be offering advice on how to set the holiday table. A triumph of colours, accessories, dishes and decorations to suit a variety of different tastes and lifestyles, different ways of enjoying the holiday season.
True to the style of its products, SapienStone means pure design, even at Christmas!
First of all, in view of its technical and aesthetic qualities, the SapienStone countertop can be, or rather, ought to be left “bare”: the beauty and prestige of the finishes in the range make for a table of timeless beauty. The surface itself is a decorative element, so there is no need for a tablecloth: nothing need be added, either for ornamentation or to protect the surface, which is scratchproof, stain-resistant and unaffected by differences in temperature.
From the most precious stones to the rarest marbles and the most valuable woods, SapienStone worktops have a bold but simple personality to set off any kind of style.
The linear elegance of contrasting colours


Black and white, Yin and Yang, light and dark, are summed up in a simple decorating scheme featuring a Calacatta tabletop.
The absence of bright colours sets off all the details in this table setting, amplifying and clearly underlining the aesthetic impact of details on the overall look.
The dishes are geometric and linear in shape, while the colours are limited to black and dark metals, creating spots that absorb light to set off the surface’s delicate waxy hues.
Every single item on the table contributes to the creation of a refined atmosphere, with an understatement that ensures that the focus will be on the colours of the food and the dramatic way it is served by the home chef.
If the kitchen also has dark or black pots and pans, the food may be served directly in them, without using serving dishes: the surface requires no protection and will not suffer from contact with hot containers.
The metallic light of gold warms up the deep black of Dark Marquina

Gold is the most precious of metals, capable of adding a refined, precious allure to any table setting.
The Dark Marquina SapienStone countertop stands out for its absolute black background brightened up by thin white veins. This contrast is skilfully underlined to create a particularly sophisticated finish with an unrivalled ability to set off striking materials such as metals.
Black and gold is a timeless colour combination found in fashion, accessories, coverings and furnishings. The metal imbues a sensation of light, warmth and wellbeing, and its shine is emphasised by the depth of the black typical of the most renowned Spanish marbles.
A table setting that emphasises these nuances will create an effect of striking elegance and refinement, ideal for dinner on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.
There’s no need for cutting boards, coasters or mats for wine bottles, and you can even put smoked salmon directly on this perfectly hygienic surface and rest the knife beside it without fearing scratches; it will not be stained by wine or olive oil, so diners need not spend the whole dinner surrounded by an ugly wet spot on the tablecloth if they make a wrong move!

Rovere Baio redraws the warmth of wood and dresses it up with innovation

For a table recalling the warmth of classic style with the light look of today’s most advanced materials, a worktop reproducing Rovere Baio oak wood is the perfect choice.
Wood creates a cosy, familiar atmosphere with a natural look.
A table setting like this never looks poor, but simple and gracious.
Just use the colours of the forest to create a Christmas atmosphere: pine branches, pinecones, jute and wooden coasters create a convivial atmosphere in which guests can truly relax.
The effect will be informal, representing the true spirit of an occasion on which people enjoy spending some time with their dearest loved ones.
All in a very practical, convenient way, perfectly confident that you can do what you need to do on the table in perfect serenity, making carefree use of utensils and accessories, as the SapienStone countertop is resistant to stress of any kind.
SapienStone once again demonstrates how design can create the perfect bridge between love of the minimalist approach to decorating and the spirit of warmth you want to create for enjoying the holidays with your loved ones.
Style, personality and practicality come together to offer the perfect source of inspiration for taking things one step farther, as only the SapienStone brand can do!

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