Chocolate sponge cake – recipe by Delicous Martha


There are always plenty of sweets around during the holidays, but sometimes it is the simplest recipes that really make us happy! Like this chocolate sponge cake by Marta (Delicious Martha): simple, tasty and perfect on any occasion!
“Delicious filled with chocolate, fruit or jam, this sponge cake recipe can be used as a basic cake recipe for either dessert or a sweet breakfast!”
It’s very easy to make, and Marta explains it to us step by step in her blog.
There are four steps to making the cake, plus the final cooking time: nothing complicated, even for beginner cooks!

Like her previous recipe – which you will find here – Marta made her sponge cake on a SapienStone kitchen countertop. For this recipe she chose a bright, textured Light Earth surface.
“This is one of my favourite textures! Perfect because it won’t chip or stain, so I can make all my recipes right on the kitchen countertop and take pictures of them at every step, with no need to use a cutting board or other kind of base!”
Go to her blog to find out how to make her exquisite recipe!

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