Poached pears and caramelised nuts: a recipe from The Little Plantation

2019-01-14 We have become acquainted with Kimberly of the blog The Little Plantation and her delicious creations over the past few months; today she has come up with something truly unique and tasty!

An easily made yet spectacular dessert with a heady scent, a vegan treat to delight absolutely any palate!

Kimberly had already experimented with SapienStone kitchen countertops – here’s her first recipe – and she is enthusiastic about using porcelain surfaces again, not only to cook on but as a backdrop for the splendid photos she posts on her blog.

“ As you know, I’m a person who’s in the kitchen cooking pretty much daily and someone who works with food all the time as well. Hence a great kitchen work surface to me is essential; I’m really looking for something that’s durable, scratch resistant and pleasant on the eye too.”

Kimberly admits she has found what she is looking for in SapienStone.

“ As a food photographer and stylist the quality and look of a kitchen worktop is also super important. That’s because food photography images can only look their best if the backdrop looks the part.”

After choosing the timeless elegance of Calacatta for her first recipe, this time Kimberly opted for a more textured Brown Earth countertop on which to serve her poached pears with caramelised nuts.

“ The worktop was so sturdy, it allowed me to prep this vegan poached pear recipe for you directly on the Brown Earth worktop itself, without needing to use a chopping board. Tidying up was easy and stress-free too!”

Follow this link if you would like to tray making this delicious recipe yourself.

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