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Art and design invade the city of Madrid. With more than 60 spaces designed by top professionals, Casa Decor is a one-of-a-kind interior design event in Europe. For the second year in a row, SapienStone took part in this elite event in collaboration with Cupa Stone and Linea 3 Cocinas.
The event.
For its 54th edition, Casa Decor returned to the Salamanca district, at the intersection of Calle de Núñez de Balboa and Calle de Juan Bravo. Situated on one of the city’s most beautiful, pleasant streets, the building at Calle Núñez de Balboa 86 was built in 1925, offering an example of the big homes constructed at a time when Madrid was extending out toward the east, designed by Carlos María de Castro, an architect from Seville.
Once a year, artists and companies set up their installations in one of the rooms in the building, transforming it into a true product showcase: decorators, interior designers, architects, designers, landscapers and plastic artists show off their work in an event dedicated exclusively to top-quality cutting-edge interior design.

In the wake of last year’s success, when the space was set up by architect Jean Porsche (our interview with him may be found here), SapienStone is back at Casa Décor once again in collaboration with Cupa Stone and Linea 3 Cocinas, this time with a kitchen featuring its precious Dark Marquina surface.

The space.

Contemporary style, elegance and technology: these are the three qualities best describing the kitchen created for Casa Decor by Linea 3 Cocinas.
Designed by Disak Studio, the kitchen revolves around a central island, underlining the fact that the kitchen is one of the most lived-in parts of the home, with a design ensuring people can enjoy the company of friends and family while working in the kitchen.
For the worktop in this spectacular kitchen, Steve Littlehales chose one of the latest new products from SapienStone, a porcelain surface reproducing one of the most popular Spanish marbles: Dark Marquina.

The island.
“A dream kitchen for ordinary people” is the concept that inspired Linea 3 Cocinas in the creation of the space on the third floor of the building hosting Casa Decor.

As we have seen, the kitchen revolves around a big central island, showing off SapienStone’s elegant Dark Marquina surface in a kitchen combining the essence of the past with contemporary style.
"What we want is a combination of urban style and luxury, with a design that conveys our ecological message,” says Linea 3 Cocinas.

Elegance, strength and lightness are the three qualities of the SapienStone countertop inspiring the choice of this material for Casa Decor. Plus, the colour gives off a sense of innate elegance and adds to the impact of the space set up for the event.
“Dark Marquina helps us underline the idea of a space where natural and classic looks meet modern elements.”

Dark Marquina.
The SapienStone porcelain countertop is not only strong, but beautiful and elegant, and permits daily use without deterioration or wear.
Steven Littlehales’ studio also recognises the importance of its light weight.
“In a room in an old building like this one, it helped us not to overload the floor with a heavy material."
Dark Marquina features a dark background illuminated by thin white veins, creating a refined contrast for elegant spaces of bold personality. The finish selected for Casa Decor is Polished, for its unrivalled ability to underline the depth of black. The design of every surface is in fact carefully studied to give the kitchen unique aesthetic value.

Casa Decor 2019 , Linea 3 Cocinas

Like all SapienStone surfaces, however, the Dark Marquina countertop also offers technical benefits such as strength, durability and hygiene in the kitchen. The size of the island on display at Casa Decor reveals another strong point of SapienStone maxi-slabs: the ability to create uniform, uninterrupted surfaces.
Dark Marquina will be on display at Casa Decor until March 10, in the historic building containing this year’s exhibition at Calle Núñez de Balboa 86 in Madrid.

PH: Casa Decor 2019, Linea 3 Cocinas

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