Food&Kitchen: travel reporter Carla Soffritti answers our questions

2018-02-12 Carla Soffritti is a travel reporter and founder of the communications agency "Ella Studio" and the b&b “Il Richiamo del Bosco”, surrounded by beech and chestnut trees in Boschi di Carrega regional park in the province of Parma.
Carla, what is your first thought when you go into the kitchen?
What spices can I use today?”.
What dish best represents your life, and why?
Cream of squash and wild rice. I am originally from Ferrara, and squash reminds me of the countryside where I grew up. And wild rice because I am a “nomad”, even in the kitchen.”
What wine gets your heart beating?
Prosecco made by Casa Belfi Colfondo. Unconventional and unusual. It is converted to sparkling wine in autoclaves, but then fermented again in the bottle, without adding any yeasts, enzymes or sugars, to create a wine with sediments that stay in the bottle. It is of course organic and healthy.”
What is tops in the kitchen for you?
Demonstrating a sustainable approach, even at the stove.”
What is the ingredient you can’t do without?
Ginger. I put it everywhere: from breakfast to my herbal tea before I go to bed.”
What is the most fun item in your kitchen?
The blackboard I have hanging over the kitchen stove, where I write down funny or inspiring quotes. One of my favourite ones is “I kiss better than I cook”. But I had to erase it because some of the guests at the b&b wanted to try and see if it was true!
When was the last time you had a really good meal?
In Parma, at the “ECOgastronomia” “Mangia la foglia bio”. I love the dishes the cooks there come up with: Patrizia Ziveri, Lorenza Allari and Pietro Tambini.”
Which recipe do you do best?
Pears cooked in wine with spicy dark chocolate sauce. I have a fatal attraction for dark chocolate. And the pear reminds me of the flavours of my childhood in the countryside outside Ferrara.”
What are the qualities you appreciate in a cook?
Being pure, and not using animal proteins at all, if possible. But you have to be more creative to do that. And knowing how to reflect in the kitchen and calibrate every element on the plate.”
What does food mean to you?
A very ancient significance, the meaning Hippocrates gave it: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. But as well as being a vehicle for health, food should also protect the environment and demonstrate respect for animals.”

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