Interview to blogger Lidia Forlivesi

2018-08-29 “I am a xenophile globetrotter!” - Lidia defines herself like this, like a citizen of the world.
After all, she lived in Italy and in America, and from every single place where she lived, she took something unique that she transferred in the pages of her blog and in her snaps.
Nonsolofood, her blog, was born in 2012 as a space where Lidia could freely share her passion for food, hospitality, photography and travels.
We had the pleasure to meet Lidia about one year ago, when we collaborated with her blog for a series of recipes and amazing photos.
Lidia was fascinated by the quality of the SapienStone countertops and, most of all, by the elegance and fine quality of the Calacatta texture, the perfect background for most of her snaps and recipes.
We interviewed her on a midsummer day, and she told us what inspires her when she writes her blog, and what the kitchen and the art of cooking mean for her.

  1. What inspires you the most when you prepare your recipes and your contents?

Since my soul is quite xenophile, as I lived abroad, I like to follow international profiles, especially American ones. I like to let them inspire me, to then interpret their recipes in my own way, and to tell about them in my everyday life.

  1. What does cooking mean to you? And what does the kitchen mean to you?

The kitchen has always been my favourite room of the house, since I was a child. As an adult, I must admit things haven't changed a bit. When I was a child, I used to study in the kitchen, while my mum was cooking. Every now and then, I would take a break from the books, and I would help her. This way, I started to master the art of cooking, to bake cakes for breakfast and to learn by watching my mum prepare our meals.

  1. What did you like the most of the SapienStone kitchen countertops?

I love using a surface that is not just beautiful, but also functional. In the field of design, aesthetics and functionality do not always match. I pay great attention to details and aesthetics, but at the same time I love being practical. I often think of “what comes next” and in a kitchen, “what comes next” means cleaning and maintenance activities and wear. Having a beautiful kitchen, that can be used and enjoyed without fearing to ruin it is the best way to live a kitchen.

  1. How would you describe the SapienStone countertops in just one word?


  1. What do you believe to be the top in the kitchen?

To be allowed to choose. To be allowed to design and create my own kitchen according to my needs and habits, to live it and enjoy it. To have a kitchen where I don’t just cook, but where I can also sit, sip a cup of tea and have a chat.