Design File: Porcelain Countertop Colors


Porcelain is gaining significant traction as a countertop material, with many homeowners craving a luxurious feel while maintaining an easy lifestyle and homey environment. With the understanding that porcelain provides immense beauty while providing stain and heat resistant capabilities, individuals have implemented porcelain beyond their kitchen countertops and into their master bathrooms, shower walls, unique furnishings, and so on.

SapienStone has excellent properties and aesthetics that transform an ordinary countertop into the kitchen's main attraction. The material is available in various shades which allow you to match your specific, high-end taste and help you achieve your personal touch and character within your home or commercial project.

Top Porcelain Countertop Colors

There are many colors you can choose from in SapienStone’s porcelain countertop collection. Whether you prefer a subtle color or a darker tinge, you'll find a color that resonates with your personality. Below are the top countertop colors in the SapienStone collection and reasons as to why you should consider each!

Marble-Look Porcelain

People prefer marble look porcelain, also referred to as sintered stone, because it best withstands against destructive elements, such as stains from oil or wine, above all other man-made stone options on the market while showcasing the beauty that natural marble offers. This means that SapienStone’s marble look-a-likes are more durable than marble-look engineered stones, such as quartz, and are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Moreover, the unique production process for porcelain countertops strengthens the material and increases the countertop’s functional lifespan. SapienStone has several marble-looking porcelain surfaces for you to choose from. Some of our top sellers are: 

•    Arabescato
•    Calacatta Statuario 
•    Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

White Porcelain Countertops

White porcelain countertops are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a "feel good" atmosphere to the kitchen by reflecting natural light, making an overall space feel larger and representing an airy atmosphere. Because white interior design is all the crave, going all white in your home will help increases your home's resale value due to the fact that many house hunters are searching for updated, white countertops. 

SapienStone has a plethora of white countertops to suit your style. Some of our top sellers include:

•    Uni Ice
•    Bright Onyx
•    Premium White 

Regardless of your choice, you'll love working on the countertop every time you're in the kitchen.

Wood-Looking Porcelain

Wood-like elements have come in high demand after COVID-19 hit and the desire to incorporate natural characteristics significantly increased. Homeowners are now craving to bring the outdoors inside their home with natural light and mother nature’s beauty. Wood-looking porcelain is very popular as it not only provides a stunning aesthetic and a rich, textured appearance, but it is more durable than natural wood and needs minimal upkeep, making these countertops an easy-to-maintain material. Wood-look porcelain is perfect for those wanting to create a natural, minimalistic, and warm surrounding. SapienStone offers two wood-looking porcelain countertops:

•    Rovere Baio 
•    Rovere Buckskin

Step out of the ordinary by upgrading your kitchen with durable porcelain countertops. SapienStone’s collections are long-lasting and easy to maintain, ensuring that you will be happy with your tops for years to come.
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