Il Veneziano Collection: SapienStone’s new countertops are inspired by Venetian-style terrazzo


At the latest edition of Cersaie 2021 - a roaring success which recently drew to a close - SapienStone launched the new Il Veneziano collection of kitchen countertops, which provides a contemporary twist on one of the most interesting and well-known Italian-made products in the world.

As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by one of the most beautiful (not to mention sustainable) creations from the school of Italian craftsmanship: the famous Venetian-style battuto or terrazzo, the most commonly-used flooring in the palaces and villas of Venice, obtained by blending together marble processing scraps and crushed pieces of stone with a binder such as lime or concrete.

This is a centuries-old tradition that SapienStone has brought back to life, with the design visible not only on the countertop’s surface, but throughout its 12mm thickness. Indeed, small fragments can be seen throughout the body of the slab, with a stylistic result that is nigh-indistinguishable from the original material. A complex and elegant texture that pays testament to SapienStone’s unrivalled technological ability to produce full-body materials.

The multicoloured grains embedded in the surface of the countertops draw upon the traditional pattern, but with a more contemporary appeal, offered in three colourways - Seminato Candido, Seminato Beige and Seminato Nero - each of which conveys different sensations to suit a range of furnishing styles, fitting with both modern and traditional kitchens. The textures can even be mixed and matched to create playful geometric patterns in the kitchen, lending the space a sense of elegance with a touch of dynamism.

Seminato Beige 

The kitchen countertop that perhaps more than any other evokes the traditional aesthetic of Venetian terrazzo, with a handsome pink background studded with fragments of stone and marble both light and dark. The shades used are predominantly reds, pinks and yellows, with a smattering of darker details.
This colour can be used to create warm, welcoming kitchens, especially when the countertop is paired with paler shades, such as the Arabescato texture, or a wood effect such as SapienStone’s Rovere Buckskin.

The texture lends itself to the creation of sculptural kitchen islands in the centre of the room, which can add a certain elegance and warmth to the space.

Seminato Candido

The lightest of the three countertops, this is redolent of the charming aesthetic of Venetian-style terrazzo in a paler shade, with a white background with splashes of shades such as black, white, beige and grey.
The Seminato Candido kitchen countertop has a modern and refined feel to it. It can be paired with Seminato Nero to create colour contrasts that lend the kitchen a sense of movement, yet its neutral tones allow it to pair excellently with any colours used in the kitchen.

SapienStone slabs make it possible to create islands of truly unique shapes that take centre stage in the room, becoming the unquestionable showstopper of the kitchen.

Seminato Nero 

SapienStone’s Seminato Nero countertop is the most contemporary of the trio. The dark surface is illuminated by lighter pieces of marble and stone which stand out like flecks of light on the black background. A sophisticated countertop that can make for captivating and mysterious kitchens, especially as part of a contrasting arrangement paired with the Seminato Bianco countertop.

Mixing the two textures - Seminato Bianco and Seminato Nero - results in a very elegant contrast that truly brings both surfaces to life.

Technical characteristics

The three countertops that make up the Il Veneziano collection are produced in a thickness of 12mm, for excellent visual lightness paired with technical strength. They are available in a large slab format measuring 320x150 cm: a size that can cover vast areas without joints or interruptions.
Two finishes are available: Natural, for a more understated effect, and Polished, for a brilliant shine on any surface in order to better highlight the flecks of marble.

The beauty of the texture is matched only by its technical characteristics, such as resistance to
high temperatures and rapid temperature changes, UV rays, and acidic and corrosive products, not to mention its
unrivalled ease of cleaning, making for safe, hygienic surfaces that are designed for the
wellbeing of the user.

SapienStone surfaces are also made from natural raw materials and produced using sustainable processes in zero-emission facilities. Any processing waste is put back into the production cycle, whilst at the end of their working life, the countertops are recyclable.

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