For over 25 years, the Spanish studio Paloma Angulo has been associated with an innovative, forward-looking approach in the field of interior design, in particular in the development of residential projects. Its philosophy lies in its strong emphasis on enhancing light and in taking great care in selecting the most appropriate materials so as to optimize project results.
These include SapienStone surfaces, which are used to create aesthetically pleasing kitchens, which are now increasingly featured in other design projects, from bathroom interiors to creating tables, as well as beautifully refined coverings.
We interviewed Paloma Angulo Nieto, the founder and soul of the studio, to learn more about her approach to design and to find out what she thinks about our surfaces.

What kind of projects does your studio specialize in?
We specialize in developing residential projects.

If you had to renovate a home, would you recommend choosing the same studio for both architectural design and interior design aspects?
Absolutely, teamwork is of the essence. Striking the perfect balance between architecture and interior design is essential as these must go hand in hand if we are to maximize technical and aesthetic goals. Given our variety of experiences, I can safely say that the ultimate goal should always be a spatial layout that matches the lifestyle of customers and that makes their life easier.

What do kitchens represent in your interior design projects?
The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where we spend most of our time! It is a real gathering place, where we cook and eat meals or get together for a cocktail. It is no wonder that the kitchen is the place where we always have the most interesting and memorable conversations.

How do you use SapienStone panels in your projects?

A crucial step in designing a kitchen is selecting materials. At our studio we are always striving to create warmth, as well as a pure aesthetic style with a recognizable elegant touch. It is precisely for these reasons that SapienStone perfectly suits our needs.

Which SapienStone materials best complement your style and your projects?

Bianco Lasa is the material we used the most. But we also used two types of wood for various projects. I think Platinum White is also quite spectacular, as are Basalt Cream and Dark Marquina.

Have you ever considered using SapienStone materials for other purposes?
Yes. I have used it in bathrooms, on tables, and as fireplace cladding. I find it to be a very versatile material.

Why is it so important to have good interior design in a home?
Good design makes life easier for us and gives it order. And it is exactly through order that we can deliver an aesthetic vibe that conveys a sense of well-being. Fine materials, carefully designed lighting, and efficient construction are key to achieving these goals.

If you had to describe SapienStone in one word, how would you define it?
Quality. Everything else has been said.

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