Fruit tart – recipe by Un déjeuner de soleil


Food blogger Edda helps us dive into a sea of flavour and colour with her delicious fresh fruit tart.

Edda, the food blogger who writes Un déjeuner de soleil has composed a true hymn to summer: pastry, lemon custard and plenty of fresh fruit (all Italian, of course!).

“This summer dessert is a marvel of freshness and delicacy! It’s a pie that makes you happy. And it’s really easy to prepare, even when you’re on holiday!”

Edda made her delicious tart on a SapienStone Calacatta countertop. The blogger tested the resistance and efficiency of porcelain countertops by kneading her dough and cutting her fruit right on the surface of the counter, without worrying about damaging it.

“(…)This countertop is amazing: I wish I could redo my whole kitchen with it! It not only looks great, it’s very resistant to blows, high temperatures, scratching and wear over time! (…) I don’t need a cutting board any more: I made everything right on the Calacatta worktop.”

Edda was fascinated by the look of the SapienStone countertop, too; she admits that “(…)the white marble surface is great for taking photos, too!”

Make the fresh fruit tart yourself, following the recipe here.