SapienStone in an innovative location in the heart of Berlin


German magazine Arch+, which specialises in architecture and design, has chosen SapienStone for its editorial offices in Berlin. The recent relocation of the prestigious publication has placed the Arch+ offices in the heart of Berlin, in Friedrichstrasse, next to Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum, in a new and exciting architectural project.
The architectural context
Fizz23 is an innovative and futuristic building complex that houses the editorial offices, a building converted into a cooperative complex that provides a home for creative industries: writers, designers, creative agencies, architectural firms and magazine editorial teams in a fusion of disciplines, which provides space for imagination and inventiveness.
ARCH+’s spaces have also been conceived in a new and different way: the architects have designed a flexible, multifunctional environment which can be transformed to accommodate exhibitions, events, presentations, talks and training sessions. Spaces that convey a sense of openness and open-mindedness, welcoming a blend of disciplines. As such the core of the ARCH+ offices is an open-plan space which communicates and interacts with the various rooms and transforms as needed. The central Light Room overlooks one of the most surprising inclusions in the space, considering its nature: a kitchen, a symbol of welcoming and a tool allowing for flexibility in the use of space.

The meetings and talks frequently organised by ARCH+, as well as the cooking shows and private events, become special and convivial moments thanks to the use of the kitchen which, in addition to being useful, is a distinctive element of design.

The design of the kitchen with the SapienStone worktop
Created with playful contrasting effects combining essential, minimalistic lines with bold material impressions, the kitchen has a strong visual and emotional impact, thanks to the Dark Marquina texture of the SapienStone, which brings together beauty, minimalism and functionality.
Anh-Linh Ngo, Editor-in-Chief of ARCH+, and Architect Arno Löbbecke chose to insert the kitchen into the back wall of the Light Room, enclosing it in a sort of visual niche which highlights its importance. The worktop and the back wall of the kitchen, which use SapienStone, are covered with the Dark Marquina surface, whose depth and intensity provides elegance and charm. The black colour is illuminated by thin white veins that perfectly match the pure white doors, marking the decidedly bold personality of the whole design. At just 12mm thick, the SapienStone Dark Marquina worktop conveys a visual impact that makes the colour the sole star of the show. Inspired by one of the finest Spanish marbles, the Dark Marquina texture is not just an aesthetic choice, but also one which allows you to also customise the way you experience the worktop, thanks to a choice of two possible tactile finishes.

Silky, the one chosen for this project, has a more velvety feel, providing soft and welcoming sensations and pairing surprisingly well with the marbled aesthetic of the design. Polished, the other finish available, lends shine and linearity, exalting the depth of the black.
Even the large size of the Dark Marquina slabs of SapienStone are a key element of an ambitious design like the one brought to life in Berlin. Having the ability to create uniform surfaces and walls without having to visually interrupt the harmony of the patterns is an excellent way to increase the visual impact of the entire kitchen.
The back wall occupies the full height of the niche and is only interrupted by a slim shelf. The wall is visually filled with black, almost creating a sense of boundlessness which seems to enlarge the space. Also, the contrast with the surrounding walls, which have been left in their natural rough concrete finish, conjures up references and suggestions which can enhance and refine the visual appeal of both materials.

Aesthetics and functionality with Dark Marquina from SapienStone
The SapienStone worktop is not just a thing of aesthetic beauty - it is also practical to use and hard-wearing. This is another of the aspects which struck the designers, leading them to choose it as a worktop material. A multifunctional space which is open to many types of use (show cooking, private events, as well as for light day-to-day cooking and creative coffee breaks) must be able to be used without hesitation and without the risk of compromising its aesthetic.

Finally, following the modularity of the spaces and the dynamic interpretation of the activities which will take place in them, the architects inserted an important stylistic device: the kitchen can be hidden behind a separating curtain with a simple gesture.

An original and innovative design, a unique location for a kitchen which, thanks to the linearity of the design and the elegance of the materials, becomes the star and lends its character to the space. The Dark Maquina texture is sheer aesthetic elegance, deep and eye-catching, a suggestion which creates space for the imagination, a pure exercise of taste.