Spinach pancakes, a recipe by Frames of Sugar

2019-04-30 Today withFrames of Sugar we’ll make some fluffy, savoury…pancakes!

Perfect for a classic lunch or brunch, these pancakes made by Antonella are ideal for moments when, in her words, you’re hungry with a capital H!

Enjoy them at your leisure, perhaps while relaxing on a lazy Sunday morning, in good company and, of course, in your pyjamas!

“These spinach pancakes are wonderful, fluffy, easy and quick to make and totally light and healthy: just 1 spoonful of oil, 1 egg and fresh spinach that you don’t even have to cook, just blend raw and add to the other liquid ingredients.”

The perfect accompaniment for these pancakes? Salmon, avocado and fried egg!

Antonella has already tested the excellent qualities of the SapienStone kitchen countertops (here you can see another two of her recipes: one sweet and one savoury), and once again this time to prepare her elegant pancakes she has fallen under the spell of our elegantPietra Grey.

She says it has a refined, metropolitan style, which is beautiful to look at and to photograph!

“It’s scratchproof and resistant to stains, acid and heat: I cut the radishes and the avocado and sprinkled it with lemon juice, without scratching or damaging the surface. I placed the pans in which I made the pancakes and fried eggs directly on the countertop, without worrying.”

SapienStone countertops are perfect from brunch to dinner!

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