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The festivities are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and close friends, to share precious moments, and strengthen relationships, affections and bonds with those we love.
Alongside the Christmas tree and sparkling lights, the dining table is hugely important since these sociable occasions set the tone for a relaxing yet joyful and festive Christmas.

Christmas 2019 is all about contrast. I chose SapienStone’s warm, welcoming Rovere Buckskin surface with its wood knots and grain as the backdrop for my “tablescape”, styled with sophisticated yet contemporary, minimalist details and decorations. To this simple, versatile top, with its vaguely Nordic look, I added especially elegant plates and chargers in wonderful white and gold embossed porcelain. 

Striking, bright metal cutlery is paired with elegantly linear, slender sprays of birch which, alongside other natural details such as pine cones and berries, serve as centerpieces for an understated yet highly decorative look. Finishes, details and small exquisite pieces such as crystal, cut glass boules create a sophisticated yet not ostentatious, luxurious yet relaxed table setting with the added wow factor.

Even during the festivities, mix and match, a clever blend of styles, colors and materials on the same table setting, helps to create a sociable ambiance that mirrors and conveys our personality. The Rovere Buckskin top is undoubtedly the determining factor for this table setting.

Three essential tips for making the table setting special: symmetry, harmony and interest.
The mise en place should suit the size of the table, bearing in mind that the ideal width for comfortable dining is the generally-accepted 60cm. Symmetry is key, every time. Whether you choose brightly colored or monochrome accessories, everything must still be cohesive for an attractive, eye-catching result. If you have lots of guests but not enough crockery, the trick is to cunningly mix different pieces and make each place setting unique.

Even lighting plays a key role. I suggest ambient lighting in strategic places throughout the room, perhaps with different lampshades. To warm the room in a nanosecond, there’s nothing better than flickering candlelight, perfect for evening.

The dining table, particularly for special occasions, should be unique and sophisticated. In my opinion, there’s only one invaluable rule to accomplish this: focus on the essentials with a personal touch. 

Scope for creativity and... Merry Christmas!

Giorgia Fantin Borghi

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