The Ease of Designing With Porcelain


What comes to mind when you think of tile countertops? Let us guess…small, square tiles typically of bold design and colorful arrangements, that are connected by thick grout lines? Did we guess right?

Well, say goodbye to small grout lines and hello to new and improved, sleek porcelain surfaces. Large format porcelain slabs are the new “it” factor to American interior design and it’s all the craze!

Large format porcelain slabs are unlike any other countertop surface you have seen before. Porcelain is a man-made surface that is engineered to be one of, if not the most, durable countertop material in the surfacing industry. With numerous colors, designs and finishes, SapienStone porcelain boasts beauty and authenticity with its unique look and classy appeal. Not only does SapienStone offer a one-of-a-kind style to your residential or commercial space, but due to the various benefits that porcelain offers, porcelain can be applied beyond just kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Fireplace Surrounds

SapienStone porcelain is a heat resistant material that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh interactions, making it a perfect contender for a fireplace surround. Incorporating a fresh and unique design to the center of your home will truly transform your indoor or outdoor living space. That’s right – porcelain can also be used outdoors, as it is UV stable! Neither high heat, extreme cold or direct sunlight can damage these surfaces, so get creative and showcase your favorite porcelain design in the heart of your home!

Shower Walls

Have you ever seen a marble-looking shower application and wondered what material was used to create such a flawless design? Majority of the time the surface used in these types of showers is large format porcelain slabs! Because porcelain is an engineered surface that is non-porous, it is impervious to water and is non-absorbent. SapienStone porcelain shower walls are a fantastic addition to any master bath to replicate a luxury, spa-like feeling in your home.

Floating Vanities & Cabinet Door Facings

SapienStone’s porcelain countertops are of a 12mm thickness, helping to make each slab a lightweight and thin material, when compared to natural stones such as granite or marble. Due to its thinner composition, it can be easily applied to floating bathroom vanities or cabinet doors to create a chic, European design style. It also helps to create the illusion of having a full-block of real, natural stone in your home – when in fact it is a piece of custom-designed SapienStone porcelain.


Full-Height Backsplash

A trending favorite that we see in many American homes nowadays are the incorporation of a full-height backsplash. Full height porcelain backsplashes are extraordinary in design, flaunting luxury and personality. Because SapienStone porcelain slabs are a large format surface that requires neither grout nor sealant, it creates a seamless look in your home, as the transition from your countertops to the full-height backsplash blend effortlessly to create a stunning, sleek appearance.

SapienStone porcelain slabs can be applied to almost any furnishing you can imagine from kitchen islands, flooring, outdoor tile, cutting boards, coffee tables and more. With porcelains unique marble-like veining and representation of various textures, these surfaces can represent any design style you please. From modern home styles to traditional or eclectic, SapienStone’s porcelain collection provides an assortment of colors to appeal to every taste.




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