Yoghurt and lemon charlotte with blueberries – Recipe from Nonsolofood

2019-06-11 Today, Lidia from the Nonsolofood blog will delight us with a beautiful and delicious cake, which is fresh and perfect for the summer!
After almost 3 years of collaboration with our brand, Lidia has chosen to install the Calacatta countertop by SapienStone in her brand new kitchen, one she had already fallen in love with some time ago.
And what better opportunity to break in the new countertop than by making a beautiful cake?
“Cooking means chopping, dirtying, making a mess, using ingredients that can stain, and having to use harsh cleaning products, and the same question comes up time and time again… will the worksurface end up ruined? The answer is quite simply no.”

For her yoghurt, lemon and blueberry cake, Lidia sliced the lemon directly on the countertop, but more importantly, she squeezed it, even dirtying the worksurface on purpose… and it stayed perfect: no stains, no scratches!

“The convenience of having a worksurface in the kitchen that can stand up to all of this is truly precious, and often when I’m pottering about in the kitchen amidst my various experiments, I end up saying to Enrico: ‘Isn’t it incredible having a worktop like this?!’”

But now let’s move on to the recipe.
This cake is suitable for the so-called “Charlotte” mould, because it holds everything and the lemon curd will end up filling all of these little nooks and crannies.

Is your mouth watering yet? Then get over to Nonsolofood quick to find out how to make this wonderful cake!

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