4D Ceramics – Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops


SapienStone pioneers a new way of describing interior design with Ceramica 4D, an evolution of porcelain stoneware surfaces that is unmatched in the market: it is the result of extensive research into innovative technology conducted by Iris Ceramica Group, which SapienStone is part of.

4D Ceramics opens up new aesthetic and expressive potential for this material, offering new perspectives when it comes to using and manufacturing countertops for interior design projects.

The surface becomes part of a new architectural language and its thickness reflects the beauty and complexity of the material.

The three conventional spatial dimensions are expanded to include a fourth dimension, i.e. sustainable technology, which creates a living material that comes from re-engineered ceramics.

The evolution of porcelain stoneware countertops: the fourth dimension

Inspired by nature, 4D Ceramic surfaces consist of several layers of mineral materials and therefore becomes granitic and rock-solid.

A living surface with a sustainable soul, the same soul that distinguishes Iris Ceramica Group: the fourth dimension of ceramics perfectly reflects the Group’s core values, which are engraved in the body of the material.

Thanks to full-body technology, the essence of porcelain stoneware countertops can be seen on the edge, which has the same texture as the surface. This is achieved by recreating natural veining, shades of color and geometric designs or patterns, thus completely blurring the line between a surface and its edge. 

4D Ceramics is a full-body material with veining, which creates a realistic effect that had never been achieved before with other similar products.

Research into aesthetics and experimenting with the expressive power of matter is what makes the SapienStone range of products truly one of a kind, giving shape to furnishing solutions that stir emotions.

Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops available in 4D

With its surfaces, which perfectly reflect the appeal of 4D ceramics in 12 and 20 mm thicknesses, SapienStone introduces a wide range of tangible solutions that inspire architects and interior designers to create countertops for the furniture and kitchen industry, such as tables, counters, shelves, and furnishing accessories.

The available colors feature marble-effect finishes, which range from lighter hues, such as Calacatta and Arabescato, to vibrant dark hues, such as the new Grand Antique and Kuroca colors:

Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops in a new large format

4D ceramic surfaces are now available in an innovative format: 160 x 320 cm.

With this size, two perfect counters (measuring 80 cm) can be obtained, which are the standard measurements for tables, kitchen counters and islands, making it possible to reduce processing waste during the manufacturing process.

The visual continuity effect created by a ceramic material with minimal cuts and joints emphasizes the uniform look of the edges and of the surface of 4D porcelain stoneware counters. In new interior design concepts, space becomes a backdrop, creating a wider and more open visual effect that strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. 

The Cashmere finish for 4D kitchen countertops

SapienStone’s innovation allows different emotions to be perceived through a futuristic aesthetic and tactile experience: the Cashmere finish.

A velvety smooth, soft surface that displays the natural esprit couture of technical ceramic surfaces, which are available with 4D technology.

A refined, sophisticated elegance that must simply be touched.

To achieve the Cashmere finish, SapienStone relies on a cutting-edge production process that enhances the outstanding technical and aesthetic performance of ceramics. 

This dedication has made it possible to combine beauty with superior quality.

The Cashmere finish brings out the emotional side of ceramics, for enhanced living comfort.

SapienStone ceramics: practical and functional designer kitchen top

Choosing the right material for your kitchen counter is extremely important.

A countertop is not just meant to complement kitchen furniture so that the final result looks as harmonious as possible. Besides aesthetics and design, functionality should also be considered, which includes:

  • ensuring resistance
  • improving practicality
  • increasing potential applications.

The technical and aesthetic features of porcelain stoneware definitely make it one of the best materials available on the market.

4D SapienStone surfaces are made using cutting-edge production technologies, which allow us to create countertops that deliver outstanding technical performance over the years such as:

  • heat resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • resistance to staining and corrosion
  • ease of cleaning
  • hygiene
  • ease of maintenance

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