Kuroca black marble effect kitchen countertop


SapienStone porcelain stoneware surfaces now include a new decorative solution that re-imagines the typical practicality of ceramics with high impact aesthetic style

Featuring yellow-gold veins on a black background, the new Kuroca design is inspired by Angola quartzite

Although highly decorative, the surface is unsurpassed for excellent performance in terms of durability. 

With Kuroca, black reaffirms itself as the go-to shade for design-led interiors and contributes to definitive living areas. 

The black marble effect elegantly demarcates the kitchen, effectively enhancing visual and physical perception, in keeping with the surroundings.

Black marble effect ceramic kitchen countertop: beautiful yet practical

Marble has always been universally recognized as a prestigious material, synonymous with elegance and opulence. 

This natural stone is formed from sedimentary rock with naturally occurring variegated colors and veins.

SapienStone replicates the effect of black marble sustainably, to avoid exploiting precious natural resources.

Durable and resistant to impact and abrasion, SapienStone black marble effect porcelain stoneware is also noted for its practicality and ease of cleaning. 

The ceramics are impermeable, non-porous and remain unchanged over time since they are resistant to stains and wear. These qualities make them the ideal solution in areas subject to continuous, prolonged use such as kitchens.

In addition, due to the innovative manufacturing process (4D technology), SapienStone technical ceramics become a living material comprised of layers, just as in nature, embodying its history and all the elements that create life: water, fire and earth.

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Kuroca available in large format 4D ceramic technology

The strikingly distinctive Kuroca designs take advantage of 4D technology, which creates a uniform design, on both surface and thickness, with totally unprecedented results. 

4D ceramics are the result of Iris Ceramica Group’s innovative technological research, creating the perfect balance of beautiful designs, stylish impact and performance. 

Just as in nature, the 4D ceramic surface starts with stratification and becomes rock-solid, creating full-body ceramics with veining and completely realistic color shades. 

Completely blurring the boundary between surface and edge.

Kuroca harnesses this technology and is available in SapienStone's new large format (160 x 320cm), opening up exciting new options for the use of countertops in furnishing projects. 

Clearly the large 160 x 320cm format is a practical solution for installation or laying, and also offers visual continuity throughout the rooms. 

In addition to meeting the latest trends in home decor, large format ceramics are remarkably easy to maintain and clean. 

Cashmere Finish: a textured effect that enhances the sensational appearance

Cashmere finish is the latest addition to the SapienStone family and is available on the new Kuroca designs.

The thrilling black marble effect is reimagined in a trend setting aesthetic and sensory experience: a soft, velvety surface.

SapienStone is committed to combining the beauty and strength of porcelain stoneware in a surface with unique qualities, for a fully immersive experience. 

A dramatic, thoroughly proven effect.

Alternatively, in addition to the Cashmere finish, the Kuroca design is also available in a stunning, light-reflecting polished finish. 

Read this article for more information about the finishes available on all SapienStone surfaces.

Versatile design with a distinctive, enthralling style

In Kuroca, natural technical ceramics create the perfect combination of aesthetic style, design and sensory inspiration, reinforcing the centrality of ceramic surfaces in interior design.

A black marble effect kitchen countertop demonstrates its versatility when combined with other wood or concrete effect ceramics. 

Uncompromising and impressive, its elegance dominates and coexists with elements in the same shade or complements materials in different colors.

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