Large format porcelain stoneware


Large format ceramics have changed the face of interior design projects. Sizes that were unthinkable until recently can be installed to create innovative lifestyle concepts and customize the spaces in which we live. 

SapienStone launches its new 160 x 320cm large format, adding a key item to its already extensive range of ceramics for worktops and kitchen counters.

The 160cm width makes it possible to obtain two perfect tops, 80cm each in line with standard measurements of tables, counters and kitchen islands, reducing processing waste during processing.

A large continuous surface also offers aesthetic continuity in the room and indisputable practicality for installation and maintenance.

Advantages of installing large format porcelain stoneware

In addition to meeting the style requirements of modern furnishing projects, large format porcelain stoneware also has a practical function.

Simplifying the manufacturing phase reduces both the number of internal cuts and edge treatment procedures, with the advantage of saving time during installation. Choosing large format ceramics is not only the latest trend in home decor, but also an easy to install solution. 

Installing large format porcelain stoneware opens up a fresh concept in interior design which strikes the right balance between aesthetic appearance and practicality, offering benefits both in the manufacturing phase and also during installation of decor solutions synonymous with an increasingly customizable ambiance.

From an aesthetic perspective, the ability to reduce joints delivers a seamless surface, giving visual continuity, which expands the design potential. The space becomes a dramatic backdrop due to a wider, more open optical effect.

Colors available in large format

Not only can SapienStone 160 x 320 large format porcelain be used as a countertop but also as cladding or a decorative feature. 

With the numerous styles available, SapienStone surfaces are ideal for any design and aesthetic requirement.

The variety of colors available are shown below: 

The large format ceramics have a textured effect which reinterprets natural marble, with striking finishes, improving durability and performance.
The versatile color palette and huge variety of finishes complement any type of furnishings.

All large format surfaces are manufactured using 4D technology, Sapienstone’s innovative technology which blurs the boundary between surface and edge, and is unsurpassed on the market.

SapienStone large format: superior durability

Natural and eco-friendly clay-based ceramics, SapienStone’s 12 and 20mm thickness large format surfaces are highly resistant to:

  • sudden changes in temperature
  • to atmospheric agents
  • mechanical stress

Due to a reduced number of joints, the 160 x 320cm format enhances the room and offers greater ease of cleaning

Bear in mind that SapienStone surfaces are impermeable, non-porous and suitable for direct contact with food. 

These attributes make SapienStone tops ideal for kitchen areas and guarantee optimum hygiene. The surfaces can also be equipped with an integrated induction stovetop which enables you to cook directly on the surface, giving a unique total look.

Are you looking for eco-friendly ceramics available in large format for your interior design project?

Our team is ready to explain the advantages of installing these kitchen counters and the aesthetic finishes available. Contact us for further information.

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