Excellent kitchen countertops: discover the finishes


The kitchen is the realm of the senses.

Scents, flavors, colors and sounds: everything vibrates in the kitchen, delighting and satisfying our senses. 

Out of the five senses, there is one that has a special energy; it is not as easily perceived as the others and is frequently underestimated: touch.

When we are in our kitchen, we touch things before looking at them. We know exactly where everything we need is; in fact, we could even cook with our eyes closed.

The kitchen is also the most convivial room in the house.

When we are with others, we tend to sit on a chair or lean against the kitchen counter while chatting or cooking something for our friends or loved ones, don’t we?

Well, this is precisely why when it comes to choosing an excellent kitchen, customer needs are not only aesthetic and practical, but also include the sphere of perceptions; it is important to offer a unique sensory experience that is tailored to personal taste.

The solution to all these needs is attention to detail.

The finishes of an excellent kitchen countertop

SapienStone is a world-leading producer of technical ceramic surfaces (porcelain stoneware) offering outstanding aesthetic performance and resistance for home furnishings, with a special focus on kitchens.

As part of a project aimed at developing materials through the use of technology, the “Made in Italy” brand has created six finishes for its porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops with textured effect:

Focusing on variety and attention to detail was a conscious decision based on an awareness of the various sensory needs of clients.

Besides the superb textured effects of its kitchen countertops and furniture tops, which are visible at a glance, SapienStone wanted to take things a step further in order to achieve a special effect “in every sense”, even touch, for a truly immersive experience.

This is why SapienStone decided to make its finishes a customizable detail for its eco-friendly surfaces with textured effect.

The Cashmere finish of SapienStone surfaces

The latest SapienStone creation is the Cashmere finish, which is available in materials with 4D technology (we talked about it here).

This finish has a smooth and velvety texture that is hard to describe, so in order to fully appreciate its qualities, it is best to “try it out” and “touch” it.

Through a special production process, SapienStone has managed to recreate tactile sensations that give ceramic surfaces a very distinctive character, much like that of customers seeking an excellent kitchen to create the perfect ambience in their home.

SapienStone strives to optimally emphasize the technical qualities of natural ceramics, which is why it is constantly researching how to create surfaces with a textured effect that enhance emotional appeal, to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort.

The new Cashmere finish is the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that is intended to reveal new experiential possibilities for highly prestigious homes, enhance the central role of surfaces in home furnishings, and share our idea of home with our loved ones and friends.

Surfaces for which the Cashmere finish is available

SapienStone’s surface finishes, with a textured effect, add even more variety to the offering of the brand based in Castellarano, reaffirming its mission to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, design, sensory stimuli, and performance of natural technical ceramics.

Check out for which SapienStone textures the Cashmere finish is available:

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