SapienStone at Casa Decor 2021 – Interview with Estudio AlterEspacio


After hearing architect Paula Rosales of More&Co talk about her impressions of SapienStone, we interviewed Ana Robles of Estudio AlterEspacio, who also chose SapienStone as her project partner for Casa Decor 2021.

The space the architect curated was Terraza LDK Garden at La Casa de Tomás Allende, the building that housed this year’s event. The name of the project, “El cielo de Canalejas”, is inspired by the Madrid skyline, visible from the project’s rooftop venue, and from the nearby Plaza de Canalejas, where the building is located.

Paula Robles created a route leading from Purgatory to Judgement and the ecstasy of Paradise, offering guests an immersive experience culminating in contemplation of the city from above. 

The project had a sustainable soul, making use of 100% natural materials designed for individual well-being, such as the Active Surfaces ceramics used in the coffee tables on the terrace, in the Calacatta Statuario Active version. 

These antibacterical, antiviral, anti-pollutant, anti-odour and self-cleaning surfaces are among the most important new projects from SapienStone this year. New ISO-certified ACTIVE SURFACESTM countertops are designed to protect people’s health.
They helped people enjoy their time on the terrace of La Casa de Tomás Allende, breaking down polluting particles and protecting visitors’ safety with their anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, which are also 94% effective against the virus responsible for Covid-19. 

To find out more about the project, watch the interview with Ana Robles of Estudio AlterEspacio.

PH: Luis Hevia

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