SapienStone at Casa Decor 2021 – Interview with Paula Rosales of More & Co


June 27 marked the closing date of this successful edition of Casa Decor, the famous interior design and furnishings exhibition held in Madrid, with the participation of SapienStone. This year’s event was held in La Casa de Tomás Allende, a building in regionalist style designed by architect Leonardo Rucabado and constructed between 1916 and 1920.

During the event dates we talked to a number of architectural studios that have chosen SapienStone for their projects. The first studio we would like to present is More&Co of Madrid, which designed an island kitchen featuring a Platinum White countertop, one of our surfaces inspired by stone. After this year of pandemic, architect Paula Rosales designed an upbeat kitchen in sunny yellow, adding a touch of serenity with the neutral hues of SapienStone’s Platinum White. 

Her kitchen design is called “Kitchen for Life”, because the architect’s intention was to create a sustainable kitchen concept as part of the circular economy, which may be summed up in the motto “Use, don’t lose”. She wanted to create a container system that would be ecological, healthful and customisable. 

This is why Paula Rosales preferred to use recyclable materials such as wood, steel, water-based paints, porcelain and fabric, which contain no toxic substances and will not give off volatile organic compounds. The kitchen she designed is made up of units that can easily be taken apart, customised and reused in other places to prevent waste. 

The SapienStone countertop offers all these features, seeing as the production process recycles production waste and the countertop can be recycled when no longer needed. 
It also offers the benefits of visual lightness and beauty, as well as great mechanical strength and easy cleaning.

Another aspect that convinced architect Paula Rosales to use the SapienStone countertop was its potential for incorporation of a built-in TPB tech® hob, such as the one that appeared in the kitchen on display at Casa Decor 2021. This innovative hob saves space as it can be used as a surface on which to prepare food or work when not in use for cooking. 

Paula explained that the two features that convinced her to use the SapienStone countertop were its practicality and beauty. Hear all about it in the complete interview! We hope you enjoy it!

Ph Nacho Uribesalazar 

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