The founder and director of the well-known Spanish interior design studio told us what lies at the heart of her approach to design and why she chooses SapienStone surfaces for kitchens and other types of projects that stand out for their remarkable aesthetic appeal and functionality.


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Interview with Zahra Abdalla of CookingwithZahra

Interview with Zahra Abdalla of CookingwithZahra

We talked to Dubai foodblogger Zahra Abdalla, who recently set up a magnificent kitchen with an island, completely covered with SapienStone White Calacatta surfaces. 


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Maria Pia Favaretto: food is all about conviviality and togetherness


The recipe she does best is risotto, whether it’s with vegetables or seafood; the ingredient she can’t do without changes with the seasons, and right now it’s turmeric. The quality she appreciates most in a cook is respect for ingredients .

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Advertiser Maria Pia Favaretto, with her pumpkin risotto and Pinot Noir


A communication professional for more than two decades, Maria Pia Favaretto has come up with countless advertising campaigns for companies all over the world. And in 2015 she and semiologist Mariano Diotto set up the Food & Wine 3.0 – Web Marketing & Digital Communication master’s programme at Iusve in Venice .

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The architects of ALMA: Elena Minari’s cooking


We conclude our interview with the sous chef from Locanda “Mariella” in Fragnolo (Parma). She talks about the relationship between bioarchitecture and ethical food, and how the design of the space in which food is prepared affects the quality of the food itself.

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The architects of ALMA: Elena Minari, design in a dish


Our academic background is always reflected in the career we choose, even if we end up working in a completely different field from the one we studied. This is what happened to this young chef from Parma… .

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The architects of ALMA: Elena Minari’s story


A young woman who loves environmental architecture but also loves cooking has decided to make the switch from planning to pots and pans, dedicating her career to expressing her creativity in new dishes .

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Food blogger Camilla Rossi talks about her passion for food (and other things)


She loves good food and good wine. Her favourite dish is spaghetti with clam sauce with a glass of Barolo. She believes in the importance of the traditional recipes and foods of her region, Emilia. But she also loves the other pleasures of life, from red lipstick to holidays in Formentera .

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