Chocolate and cream cake – recipe by Eat me Baby


Albane from the blog Eat me Baby is back to delight our palates with a delicious dessert.

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Spinach waffles – recipe by Freiknuspern


Our dear Fabienne is back to delight our palates once again (with her light touch!) While she refreshed us this summer with her cool sorbet, she now presents a super savoury recipe!

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Smoked herring and bacon roll on a carrot and yoghurt cream


Roast herring and bacon roll tied with chives, on an orange carrot cream, decorated with yoghurt and chives.


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Salt Cod Kokotxas – recipe by Sweet&Sour


Today we present you with a traditional Basque dish, made especially for us by Virginia of the blog Sweet&Sour.

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Shopping at farmers’ markets is the latest trend in the food industry


Going shopping in the market to buy fresh, locally grown produce, talk to the growers and see for yourself what is in season is a revolutionary new trend. 

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SapienStone kitchen countertops are enriched with the warmth of wood


At the 36th edition of CERSAIE, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, the Iris Ceramica Group’s brand added to its colour range with the presentation of two new finishes inspired by wood.  .

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