#AroundTheTop: Two years touring Europe with SapienStone


Two years have gone by since the SapienStone truck began its travels, and the European tour has now been summed up in a truly special recipe book.

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Chocolate sponge cake – recipe by Delicous Martha


There are always plenty of sweets around during the holidays, but sometimes it is the simplest recipes that really make us happy! Like this chocolate sponge cake by Marta (Delicious Martha): simple, tasty and perfect on any occasion!

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Homemade Christmas gifts


The countdown has begun: Christmas will be here in only a few days, and everyone’s looking for ideas and inspiration for special gifts. Ideas for homemade Christmas gifts are everywhere on the web, offering us an opportunity to give something personal and truly unique that we have made with our own hands.

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The designer holiday table: SapienStone offers the most refined looks


From the most precious stones to the rarest marbles and the warm atmospheres of wood: this is how SapienStone redefines the concept of the Christmas table setting.

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Pumpkin and gorgonzola pizza – recipe from Un déjeuner de soleil


Autumn is pumpkin time! This sweet, colourful vegetable is featured in today’s recipe by our food blogger Edda - Un déjeuner de soleil.

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Why SapienStone kitchen countertops are the top


The choice of countertop is one of the most important and most critical aspects of kitchen design. SapienStone has revolutionised the concept of the kitchen countertop, combining unmatched beauty and design with a series of technical benefits that make the countertop a high-performing surface on several levels.

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